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We aim for all of our children, when leaving Sidlesham Primary School in Year 6, to be proud to have the following qualities:


  • To have a sense of empathy that allows them to see the world from the point of view of other people.

  • To understand what makes them healthy (including the importance of diet, health, sleep, exercise and personal hygiene) both physically and mentally.

  • To communicate and listen effectively with adults and peers with a growing awareness of purpose and audience.

  • To be resilient in attitude and to try hard to solve problems.

  • To be able to keep themselves safe- both virtually and in the real world.

  • To have achieved their academic potential.

  • To be polite, well-mannered, kind, caring and well-behaved towards others.

  • To have a breadth of cultural capital that results from having a wide range of learning experiences.

  • To have a good knowledge and understanding of their local area, that allows them to develop a sense of self and a feeling of belonging.

  • To have ambition, a curiosity for learning and an aspiration for the future (secondary school and adulthood).

Learning Overview

Find out what each class is currently learning. 


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The Sidlesham 101

101 things to do before a child leaves primary school.


Learn about assessment at Sidlesham.

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