Young Governors

At Sidlesham Primary, we give our children the opportunity to develop their skills in discussion, debate and team work. One way we achieve this is through running our very own 'Young Governors' scheme. Our Young Governors are responsible for listening to ideas from their class mates about how we can improve the school and taking these ideas to the Head Teacher.  

The Head Teacher holds regular Young Governor meetings and children are asked to bring suggestions from their classmates along for discussion. Ideas are discussed, minutes are taken and actions are implemented to improve the school experience for the children. 

We also democratically elect a Year 6 'School Party' who develop their own manifesto around school improvement and help chair our Young Governor Meetings. The elected party are also very important ambassadors for the school, carrying out a range of duties over the year.  

We ensure that the representatives feel valued and enjoy ‘having a voice’ in our school.

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