Ethos and Values

Our school has an atmosphere of purpose and is alive with learning. It is a place where the confidence and self-esteem of our children have high status, where children are excited by learning and develop understanding of themselves as learners. Children come to our school to experience being a successful learner. As a school, we always strive to ensure our children ‘Love to Learn’ and achieve this through precise and effective teaching, having high expectations and planning lessons in a creative and engaging way.

Every child in the school will read or be read to every day and will develop their written skills and mathematical competencies through daily learning opportunities. 

In this way children will develop a firm foundation of fundamental Literacy and Numeracy skills upon which to build higher-order skills.


In addition to the core elements above we recognise the importance of offering a broad and balanced curriculum with opportunities for children to develop creative and sporting skills. We will continue to develop our implementation of our curriculum and ensure that there is a clear hierarchy of skills development. Teachers will carefully plan topic units to ensure that there are quality opportunities for children to develop knowledge and understanding across the wider curriculum as well as to use and apply their core subject skills.