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At Sidlesham Primary School we are committed to safeguarding all children and adults.


Mrs Koiston is the Designated Named Member of Staff for Safeguarding.


Mr Blake-Lobb, Mr Allen and Miss Harwood are Deputy Designated Named Members of Staff for Safeguarding. They have undertaken specific training for the role and this is renewed every 2 years.


The Designated Named Governor for Safeguarding is Carolyn Brading, who has also received training for this role.


All staff in school also receive safeguarding training, renewed regularly in line with West Sussex County Council best practice. We have a safeguarding policy which is reviewed every year and regularly audit and review our practices and procedures in collaboration with our school governors.​​


We have a designated email address that DSL staff have access to:

Click here to access our safeguarding policy.

A full list of safeguarding contacts and processes for Sidlesham Primary School can be found here.  

Mrs Pickering is the Designated First Aider and has undertaken training for her role which is renewed every 3 years. Other staff also have first aid training including some with Paediatric First Aid.

Our school grounds are safe and secure, with a perimeter fence that encloses the children. All visitors must gain permission to enter the grounds, sign in and wear visitors identification badge at all times. All staff also sign in and wear an identification badge at all times. Health and safety checks are kept up to date and risk assessments are made for all areas of the school and for every visit out of school. Fire practices and dynamic lockdown practices are held each term and all members of staff are trained in what to do in the event of an emergency.

Through our curriculum children learn how to keep themselves safe and this includes when using the internet. 



Members of staff and our governing board have also undertaken training on Safer Recruitment.


All correct procedures are followed carefully when recruiting new staff and all adults who work in school have had a DBS (Disclosure Barring Service) check.​

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