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The Team

Sidlesham Media

Giving our pupils a voice


Sidlesham Radio

The Voice of Sidlesham since 2019

Sidlesham Radio is an opportunity for our children to share their writing and their voices with the wider world. As well as termly news updates and Book Talk shows, we also map out opportunities for our children to share their opinions and work on the radio. You can listen to all of our previous broadcasts at @SidleshamRadio on X. 


Termly news by the children for the whole Sidlesham community

The Sidlesham News is produced by our children 6 times a year and a copy is given to every child before it is recorded and shared on Sidlesham Radio. Now in it's 4th year of publication, The Sidlesham News chronicles the latest goings on at the school and local area. 

The Sidlesham News 19

The Sidlesham News 18

The Sidlesham News 17

The Sidlesham News 16

The Sidlesham News 15


Book Talk

Sharing the best books

Book Talk is a half-termly newsletter which shares book recommendations from children, parents and staff members as well as updating our community on what books are being read in class. There is also a Book Talk radio show where Mrs Connor talks to children about what they've been reading. 

Book Talk 7

Book Talk 6

Book Talk 5

Book Talk 4

Book Talk 3

Book Talk 2

Book Talk 1


What's going on at Forest Friday?

On #SidlesahmTV the children give a run down of what they've been up to while learning outside during Forest Friday. It's also a place where we're share other videos of the Sidlesham Magic in action. Find #SidleshamTV on X to check out the latest goings on. 

Our YouTube channel is also a great place to check out some of our videos. 

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