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Vision Statement

After engagement with all stakeholders in our school community, we have come together to create and launch a new, aspirational vision for the future of Sidlesham Primary School:

This vision was created as a result of a number of focus groups, surveys and engagement sessions. Families, children, staff and governors engaged with us in a series of sessions to refine what is important for our pupils' and what we want for their futures. There were questionnaires shared and the results were brought back to governors who collated all of the information and the resulting vision statement and values for the future was created. 

We commit to nurture our children to achieve their potential by giving them opportunities to find their passions and flourish academically, socially and emotionally in a safe and supportive community.


School Rules

We have 3 simple rules – to be ‘Ready, Respectful and Safe’. This is because we want our school to have an atmosphere of purpose and to be alive with learning. It is a place where the confidence and self-esteem of our children have high status, where children are excited by learning and develop an understanding of themselves as learners. We are a caring community, intending every child to be happy and successful in our school.

Children come to our school to be happy and successful. They will leave us as confident, self-assured, positive young people who love to learn, to contribute and to achieve.
To achieve our vision we will:

• Provide a safe, secure, happy school environment with the highest standards of pastoral care
• Promote the irresistibility of learning
• Recognise and develop the talents of every child
• Identify the needs of every child and provide appropriate support
• Ensure children learn about and have confidence in themselves as learners
• Place children in a position to make choices and understand the outcomes
• Encourage children’s Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural understanding, tolerance and understanding, and behave in a way that does not abuse the rights or feelings of others
• Overcome barriers to learning
• Create and use opportunities for family and community engagement in the life of our school

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